Best Board Games: 3 Year Old Boy Games

My little guy started to show interest in board games at about 2 1/2 years old.  By 3 years old, he was a full blown board game junkie :-)   Playing board games is almost a nightly ritual around here.  Here are some of his favorite board games at 3 years old:


Gamewright Hisss Card Game - Not only does my 3 year old love this, but my 8 year old and my husband and I all have fun playing it too.  You take turns flipping cards and adding to the snakes.  To add to a snake the card must match the color on another card.  Otherwise, you must start a new snake.  A snake has to have a head, at least one body piece, and a tail to be complete but some snakes end up with a dozen or more body pieces.  Whoever completes the snake gets to add it to their "snake pit" and the player with the most cards at the end wins the game. 


ThinkFun Zingo - Every household with little kids should own this game.  Zingo is a twist on traditional bingo.

Although the recommended age is 4 and up, my 3 year old has no trouble understanding a playing the game. 


Pressman Chimp and Zee Silly Socks Game - My son got this as a birthday gift for his 3rd birthday and it has been a favorite ever since.  It's a fun matching game with a laundry theme to it.  The game comes with a little washing machine and four laundry baskets.  You put the included cardboard clothes pieces in the machine.  Players are given three socks each to start and must take turns pulling out socks and making matches for their laundry basket.  There is a catch though.  If you pull out a pair of underwear instead of a sock, you lose your turn.  Both my boys love pulling an underwear piece out and laugh hysterically each time :-)   I was concerned about the durability of this game when we first bought it because it's all cardboard, including the washing machine.  But it has held up well in the 10 months we have owned it and it gets played frequently.


eeBoo Picnic Game - I can not say enough good things about Eeboo games.  They are some of the most beautiful and well made games we own.  This picnic game is a lot of fun but simple enough for a 3 year old to play.  You spin the spinner and have to collect different food items, plates, utensils, etc.  The first one to gather all the items wins.  But if the spinner lands on the ants, you have to put an item back.


Go Away Monster - Pretty simple game but both my kids love it.  Each player gets a Room game board.  You must draw pieces from a canvas bag to decorate the room.  Items you need include a bed, lamp, bear, and wall picture.  If you draw a monster, you yell "Go Away Monster!"  Not complicated to play so it's a good first game for 3 year olds.


Zimbbos - Another good game for 3 year olds is the Zimbbos game.  It's a pyramid stacking game.  You roll the dice to see how many elephants you are going to add to the pyramid and then you decide to stack them.  Some basic counting skills and hand-eye coordination are used in this game.  Both my boys enjoy this game and an added bonus is it can be played with up to four players but it can also be played alone.  Beautifully done wooden pieces and fun bright colors.  Blue Orange (the game maker) makes superb games!


Preschool Lotto Game - Another favorite game of my three year old.  This is another game by eeBoo.  It's a different take on a matching game.  You choose a lotto card and then must take turns flipping the game pieces and looking for the ones that go on your cards.  Each lotto card has different items on it so you have to remember where your pieces are located if someone else flips it on their turn.  Good for memory and matching skills.  My 3 year old likes to play two or three lotto cards at a time for extra fun :-)


Candyland - Not my personal favorite but a classic and both my boys enjoy playing it occasionally.  It is a good beginner game which certainly makes it ideal for 3 year olds and it's good for little ones just learning their colors.

Chutes and Ladders - Another classic worth owning.  Simple enough to play and always fun.  This one is always a good one to own since it's perfect for working on counting skills.


Hi Ho Cherry-O - Another good game for beginning counters.  Spin the spinner to see how many fruits you can put on your tree.  The first one to get ten fruit pieces on their tree wins.  If you spin a bird or dog though you have to put fruit back.  Really good game for early math concepts like counting, addition, and subtraction.


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