Best 3 Year Old Boy Toys

Finding good toys for a three year old boy can be a bit of a challenge. You still have to be careful of toys that contain small parts as many little ones at this age still love to put things in their mouth. At the same time, you want to pick toys that are fun, challenging, and educational. Here are some great toys for 3 year old boys:


Building Fun! - Favorite Construction Toys for 3 Year Old Boys

Melissa & Doug Jumbo Cardboard Blocks - These big sturdy cardboard blocks were an instant hit with my 3 year old. Both my boys have played with them a lot and they have held up well over the past year. There are 40 in the set and they come in three different sizes.


Unit Blocks - One of the best toys in our house. Both my boys get a lot of mileage out of our Melissa and Doug Unit Block Set and I can see us continuing to use them for several more years. They build roads and buildings with them and then push their toy cars around their "towns". Endless possibilities with this 60 piece block set.


Dado Squares Building Set - Bought this for my little guy for Christmas when he was two and half. Every few weeks he pulls them out and spends about a 1/2 hour happily building with them.


Gears, Gears, Gears - Endless hours of entertainment to be had with this fun gears toy. Besides the basic gears set, Learning Resources also makes several themed Gears sets including a Monkeys set which is really cute. Little ones can put their gears together and then watch the monkeys swing from tree to tree. So cute!




People Domino Rally - Remember setting up dominoes and then knocking them down as a kid? This Domino People set is a cute twist on that and perfect for 3 year old boys.


Best Educational Toys for 3 Year Old Boys


Guidecraft Animal Train Sort And Match - Educational and fun. This pattern matching toy combines animals and trains to keep kids attention. I bought this because my three year old is a train junkie and he didn't disappoint me. He took to this toy immediately. Guidecraft makes beautiful, well made toys. This set includes pattern cards. You stand them up on the box lid which props up on the box bottom. Then kids can find the appropriate pieces to put over the card.



Outdoor Play - Some Fun Options for 3 Year Olds

Step2 WaterWheel Activity Play Table - Kids love to play with water and this water table is one of the best ways to do it.  Comes with fun accessories including boats, a pouring cup, and a water wheel.  We bring our water table in the house during the winter months and use it as a sensory table with rice, beans, or other fun things!


Little Tikes TotSports T-Ball Set - This is a great beginning sports toy for a 3 year old boy.  The set includes an oversized bat, tee, and two baseballs.  Best of all, it is reasonably priced at around $20.  Little Tikes makes nice sturdy toys that last.


Step2 All Star Sports Climber - A climber is a great way for three year olds to burn off some energy outdoors.  We have occasionally brought our climber inside too on during the really hot summer months or for rainy day play.  This one is great because not only can they climb the back and slide down the front, but there is also some sports fun build in to the climber as well.


Street Rod Pedal Car - If you are looking for a fun ride on toy for your little one, a pedal car is a lot of fun.  My sister bought this exact pedal car for my oldest son when he was 2 and both my boys have gotten so much use out of it over the years.  Likewise, I have found memories of the fire truck pedal car my little brother and I had as kids.  My kids also own Power Wheels which them also love but they seem to get just as much enjoyment out of the pedal car and I love that it requires physical activity on their part to make it go!


Some More Cool Toys for 3 Year Old Boys 


Monster Feet - So much fun and under $10! Can't beat that. My kids love these. My 8 year can practically run with them on. My 3 year old has to go slower but it has been wonderful for his balance and coordination.



Stomp Rocket - Very entertaining and a great value at under $15. Can be used indoors but it's even more fun outdoors. We like to take ours to the park and see how far we can make our rockets fly :-)



Things that Go!  Neat Transporation Toys for 3 Year Old Boys

Green Toys Dump Truck - What 3 year old boy doesn't love a good truck? This one is made by Green Toys out of recycled milk jugs. It also comes with environmentally friendly packaging and a price tag under $25!


Melissa & Doug Car Carrier - Melissa and Doug makes some really great toys and this fun little car carrier with cars is no exception. Also a budget friendly option!


 Puzzle Fun - Puzzles for Three Year Old Boys

Melissa and Doug Floor Puzzles - Melissa and Doug makes some great floor puzzles that are perfect for three year olds. Two favorites around our house are the Alphabet Train Puzzle, which is 10 feet long and 28 pieces, and the Fire Truck Puzzle which has 24 pieces. They are very well made and affordably priced.



Automoblox - If you haven't seen Automoblox Cars before, you don't know what you are missing. Part puzzle, part toy car. My kids love these. All their friends love them too when they come over to play. They cars that come apart. You can create your own creations by mixing and matching pieces when you put them back together. Each car even has it's very own vin # on it. I recommend going with the miniature version. They are just as much fun as the full size ones and quite a bit cheaper. Also, you might want to start out with at least a 3 pack so your little one has more pieces to work with when putting the cars together.



Train Toys for 3 Year Old Boys 


Wooden Train Set and Train Table - If you have the room for it in your home, a train table can be a wonderful addition. Three is the perfect age to get one because your little one will easily get four or five years use out of it before they are likely to outgrow it. This Kidkraft Waterfall Train Set and Table is a great one to consider. It's a 120 piece set and the tracks are compatible with both Brio and Thomas wooden train sets so you can always add additional pieces to it if you want.



Music Fun! - Music Toys for 3 Year Old Boys


Melissa & Doug Band in a Box - A great way to build your musical instrument collection is the Melissa and Doug Band in a Box. For around $20, your little one can have a lot of fun instruments on hand to experiment with. The ten piece set includes a tambourine, pair of maracas, triangle, wooden clacker, cymbals, and a set of tone blocks.



Kids Lollipop Drum  - A cute alternative to a full drum set, this handheld drum looks just like a lollipop!

Comes with a rubber mallet and is low pitched.




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