Best Building Toys for 4 Year Old Boys

Zoob Junior - My older son loves his Zoobs so I was excited to find out that there were Zoob Junior sets available too.  These Jr. sets are perfect for the 4-6 year old age group and are a great introduction to Zoobs.  Zoobs are fun building toys that let kids create action figures, dinosaurs, aliens, or what ever else they want.  Get a vehicle themed set with wheel pieces and they can create cars, trucks, and more!


Magna-Tiles - Magna-tiles are one of the most popular building toys for 4 year old boys.  These shaped pieces magnetically attach together.   The square and triangle pieces come in a variety of sizes which makes it easy for kids to make countless two and three dimensional building projects our of them.  Available in different sized sets including a 32 piece set and a 100 piece set.   


Wedgits - Wedgits are another great option for 4 year old boys although people of all ages find this building toy to be addictive good fun.  The progressively shaped pieces are fun for stacking, balancing, and nesting into each other in a bunch of different ways.  Design cards that come with the sets offer inspiration but many kids find it fun to just make up their own creations.


Kid K'nex Sets - My little one has owned a couple Kid K'nex sets since he was 3 and he love them.  Easy for little hands to put together and they come in a variety of themed sets including vehicles and animals.  His favorite is the Railroad set but that's not surprising because he's my train obsessed kid :-)  Best part about these sets are they are very inexpensive.  They come in nice sturdy boxes with carry handles so they are easy to store and idea pamplets are included but my two little guys like to make up their own creations.



Lauri Toys Tall Stacker Pegs Building Set - My 4 year old and 8 year old both play with this one a lot.  It's a fairly simple building toy but it really holds their interest.  Use the rubber pegboards and plastic pegs to build interesting structures. 



Gears Gears Gears - Gear toys are great building fun for 4 year old boys and the Gears Gears Gears toy line from Learning Resources is a great choice.  Kids can put their gears together in a variety of ways using the bases, connectors, and gears and have fun making them turn when they are done.


Lego Duplo - Although the recommended age is 1 1/2 to 5 on Duplos, my 8 year old still plays with Duplos as well as regular Lego.  My 4 year old loves to pull out his Duplo.  They are much easier for him to build with than regular size Lego.


People Domino Rally - This domino rally with people shaped dominoes is the perfect building toy for 4 year old boys because the people are easier than traditional dominoes for little hands to stand up.   It's a lot of fun setting up the people and then watching them go down.  And it's a toy they won't outgrow for many years.


Quercetti Tubation - A unique building toy, the Quercetti Tubation toy lets kids make creations out of tube pieces that connect together.  A variety of straight and curved tube pieces open up a world of possibilities for them.