Science Toys for Boys

Most boys love doing science experiments and figuring out how things work.  Buying science toys for boys can be both a fun and educational experience for not only them but you as well.  Since most science toys will require at least some parental help, it is a great way to spend some quality time together and possibly learn something new too!


Here are some great science toys for boys

Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 - We got this for our six year old after he had a blast making his own circuits at the local Science Center.  This kit allows kids to make 101 projects.  Probably one of the most fun science toys out there for boys and reasonably priced too.  Snap Circuits also makes bigger kits including the 300 and 500 kit.  If you aren't sure how much your child will enjoy this toy, I recommend starting with the 100 because you can buy add on kits to upgrade.



Science Experiment Kits

A Science Kit is an easy way to help ignite a passion for science in your children.  Here are a couple worth taking a closer look at:

Mind Blowing Science Kit

Mind Blowing Science Kit - Winner of several toy awards, this is a great intro science kit for boys that is geared toward ages 4 - 8.   Experiments include a color changing volcano, play sand that won't get wet, and magic ooze.  Retails for around $20.


Disgusting Science Kit

Scientific Explorer's Disgusting Science Kit - Another fun science kit for boys is the Disgusting Science Kit.  This one is geared toward ages 8 - 12 and contains experiments that most boys in this age group will love including making fake blood, a stinky intestine, and learning what causes certain body funtions.


Magic School Bus also makes a series of wonderful science kits that sell for around $20 each.   Kit topics include the human body, germs, rainbows, going green, space, and flight. 


Dinosaur Fun

Dinosaurs are usually a big hit with boys so dinosaur themed science toys can be a great way to making learning fun for them.  Here's a couple cool dinosaur science toys:

Dinosaur Science Kit

My First Dinosaur Science Kit - Kids get to be mini paleontologists with this kit from Scientific Explorer.  First they excavate their dinosaur skeleton then after they classify their findings they can build a model out of their dinosaur.  Retails for around $20 and recommended for ages 4 - 8.



Aquasaur Habitat

Uncle Milton Deluxe Aquasaurs Habitat - Kids can grow their own prehistoric creatures with this fun kit from Uncle Milton.  Aquasaurs have existed for over 350 milllion years.  The kit includes the habitat, aquasaur eggs, and food.  Retails for around $25.  Recommended for ages 6- 15 but I bet kids as young as 3 or 4 would appreciate it as well.


Exploding Things

Boys will be boys and they love things that explode or blow up.  Here's a couple of fun and inexpensive science toys that do just that!

Volcano Making Kit

Volcano Making Kit - This kit has every thing boys need to build their own volcano.  Once they have built it, all that is needed is some baking soda and vinegar to make it erupt.  Kit includes volcano mold, plaster, stir stick, paint, and a paint brush.  Retails for under $10 and is recommended for ages 7 and up but younger kids will enjoy this too.



Be Amazing Geyser

Be Amazing Geyser Tube Card - An easy way to implement the famous mentos and coke experiment.  This kit includes the mentos and an easy to use geyser tube that makes it easier and less messy to get the mentos into the bottle of soda.  Kit doesn't include cola, you have to provide your own.  Retails for around $6




Robot loving boys would certainly love to build their very own robot.  Here's a couple of inexpensive and fun kits for creating robots.

Robot Duck Kit

Robot Duck Kit - This Robot Duck Kit is simple enough that even younger kids should be able to put it together with minimum help from mom or dad.  Once put together, the robot waddles around like a duck.  Finished robot is about 4 inches and 2 AA batteries are required to make the motor work. 


Solar Powered Grasshopper

Frightened Grasshopper Solar Powered Bug - Create a solar powered grasshopper with this robot kit.   Put your little robot bug together, stick his solar cell on, and then take him outside and watch him jump around in the sun.  Also works under bright lights indoors.  Teaches kids about solar energy while providing a fun project for them at the same time.


Find more cool robot kits here!


Space and the Solar System

Magic School Bus Space Kit

Magic School Bus Secrets of Space Science Kit - The perfect kit for boys that are fascinated with space and our solar system.  Some of the many things they can do with this kit include making a solar system mobile, constellation box, model of a solar eclipse, watch magic beads change colors, create a night vision flashlight, and put together a telescope that works.  Recommended for ages 5 and up.


Solar System Mobile

3-D Solar System - Kids can fall asleep every night under the planets with this glow in the dark solar system mobile set.  Kit includes a planet guide book, planets, glow in the dark stars, and string to hang your mobile.


Moon in My Room

Moon In My Room - How about a moon nightlight for their room?  The Moon in My Room by Uncle Milton is an educational experience for kids as it runs through the 12 phases of the moon but kids also find it fun since it comes with a remote that allows them control it.  A CD included with the moon offers a guided tour of it.



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